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"The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function."
~F. Scott Fitzgerald

Tears of death and of life

Have you ever cried laying flat on your back with nothing between you and the floor?

The tears act differently, slowly slipping down the side of your face, each side in turn.

Defying gravity, they grasp onto your skin, first gently like streams of water caressing the skin, then fiercely leaving a line of burning.

In a crooked line, slowly burning, one tear slips into the ear and fades.

Resisting the urge to wipe it away, to relieve the burn, you can’t help but think that our lives strive to defy death.

But slowly we die and terminate in cricks and crevices of darkness, with a memory of happiness and a memory of sadness.

The burning fades, as does pain, leaving a choice to feel the relief or the loss, the joy or the sorrow.

Choose now as you sit up and continue living and continue dying.

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Kiss me like a man

Standing up

And sober

(First lines of a some-day-poem)

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"The supreme tragedy of life is the immolation of woman. With a heavy hand, nature exacts from her a high tax of blood and tears." Justice Stacy. State v. Wingler , 184 N.C. 747,115 S.E. 59 (1922).

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When I told my grandmother how I was mourning for my other grandmother…


She told me this

My mother died on December 19th.  What followed was a long hard winter.  I mourned for months.  
But one morning in the spring, I was walking to work at the hospital…and the sun was shining.
Now I’m sure the sun came out some time between December and June that year.  But I never saw it.  

I remember the day I came from the hospital and curled up next to her in bed. There is something surreal about family and love.

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Tim Reynolds is a Grammy nominated multi-instrumentalist known as both a solo artist and as a lead guitarist for the Dave Matthews Band. 

Tim Reynolds is a Grammy nominated multi-instrumentalist known as both a solo artist and as a lead guitarist for the Dave Matthews Band. 

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One Thing

One thing, one thing is better than nothing, 
Invisible and transparent, flesh appears
Touch, sight, life, and feeling

Breathe in, breathe out, deep and long
Life comes from death, 
And from our death comes our song

Slow days fly swift with our dreaming
Antithesis pushes away our fears
One thing, one thing is better than nothing.

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St Vincent…A fantastic artist, beautiful woman. 

And I will hear her live this month.

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The infinite ability to love and to suffer…that is the nature of humanity.

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"A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle."
Gloria Steinem (via observando)

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